Cement feeding and dosing system

Accuracy is a requirement for admixtures

U.E.M knows the requirements for use of admixtures in modern concrete technology and have a complete range of equipment.The admixtures require batching pumps, valves and weighers with the correct size so that large and small quantities can be weighed. All admixture weighers are therefore independent units with plastic/ metal weighing hoppers in various sizes and are supplied with a size and number of chambers that suits your mixer and concrete production.

Efficient colour-slurry

Coloured concrete is fast growing for paving stones, walls and the like. For production of slurry Universal engineers and manufacturers have colour mixing hoppers in more sizes for bag or big-bagfilling. Batching in plastic weighers takes place with hose or pneumatic pumps that at the same time circulate the colourslurry at intervals to avoid any settling within the piping and thus ensure the correct colour and quality is produced.

Admixture and Slurry Weigh Hoppers of Synthetic Material

The admixture weigh hoppers of this type are available in 35 + 55 + 85 litres. The slurry weigh hopper is available with one or two hoppers and with a content of 35, 55 or 85 litres.

The Advantages:

  • »   Flushing only occurs in the used hoppers.
  • »   Overflow sensor is standard.
  • »   Possibility to re-circulate during standstill is standard.
  • »   Low tare weight of the hoppers gives high weighing precision.